2018 ITTF North America Hopes Challenge

On the girls’ side, Emily Tan of the USA won the 3-day competition which consisted of two tournaments in which players earned points. The sum of the points decided the final standings. Tan took no chances and decided both tournaments in her favor clearly demonstrating that she was the strongest girl of the field.

Naresh Nandan, also from the USA, won the boys’ competition. He finished 1st on Day 1 and 2nd on Day 2.

Nandan and Tan will be joined by David Mandelstam from Canada who was awarded a ‘wild card’ spot by the ITTF.



Final Standings (top 10):

Nandan Naresh          USA
Jensen Feng                USA
Daniel Tran                 USA
David Mandelstam    Canada
Avi Gupta                    USA
Darryl Tsao                 USA
Raghav Thiruvallur   USA
Charlie Wang              USA
Glacier Sung                Canada
Ainish Dassarma        USA

Emily Tan                     USA
Sarah Jalli                    USA
Ann-Ping Shangguan USA
Nicole Deng                 USA
Jessie Xu                      Canada
Faith Hu                       USA
Natalie Chan                USA
Isha Bajpai                   USA
Kayleigh Cui                 USA
Majorlaine Encabo     USA