ITTF Museum – Newsletter November 2014

Welcome to issue 74 of the Table Tennis Collector, another 60-page edition.

Special thanks to all our contributors. Great Shots is an expanded version, beginning with Susie Barna, who passed away in August at age 96. Also some classic photos of top players, celebrities, and para Table Tennis. You will also have the opportunity to meet the new ITTF President, Thomas Weikert of Germany. Congratulations Thomas! The prolific Alan Duke (ENG) presents another installment in his fascinating series on Intellectual Property, focusing on designs. David Hughes (ENG) continues his series of Golden Gems, featuring the late great English international, Aubrey Simons. Gerald Gurney cites Victor Barna’s evaluation of Johnny Leach, and Jorge Arango (COL) presents a series of little known children’s books from c.1902 with Table Tennis illustrations & verse. This edition of our Philatelic Update includes some new postmarks, as well a report by expert philatelist Hans-Peter Trautmann on the ultra-rare Utrecht 1955 World Championship Registration label. Auction Action reports on a wide range of antiques and collectibles, featuring 2 fretwork bats & a very rare celluloid encased bat that achieved amazing record prices. Also a complete set of the ultra rare Globe advertising cards, a fine selection of medals, interesting rackets, programs, and other memorabilia. Hope you enjoy the new issue. Feedback always welcomed

Chuck Hoey, Curator ITTF Museum

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