ITTF North America Junior Trainings Camp

The Canadian National Table Tennis Trainings Centre in Ottawa, Canada is hosting the Junior Trainings Camp. Top Canadian and American players are participating in this 7 day camp led by Canadian Junior National Team Coach Maxime Surprenant and assisted by  Shigang Yang from the United States as well as Olympian Peter-Paul Pradebaan.

“It is always exciting to have a trainings camp with the US and Canada. All the boys are working very hard and forming friendships, pushing themselves to the limit together. I am happy to be part of this” said Maxime Surprenant, Canadian Junior National Team Coach.


The Athletes representing Canada and the United States are:

Filip Ilijevski – CAN
Alex Moran – CAN
Jeremy Hazin – CAN
Bryan Ho – CAN
Moxi Guo – CAN
Matthew Lehmann – CAN
James Yu – CAN
Alex Bu – CAN
Krishnateja Avvari – USA
Michael Tran – USA
Allen Wang – USA

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