2016 World Cadet Challenge Team Qualification

Each national association will have a number of spots on the Team North America in order of the cadet world ranked players – ITTF January World Ranking with a maximum of 2 spots per national association. (Only players active during the previous six months are taken into consideration).


1 – In the continental cadet ranking, the US has players 1, 2,3 CAN has 4,5,6 – both US and CAN have 2 spots on the team.

2 – ranking: 1 – US, 2 – CAN, 3 – USVI, 4 – Bermuda – each association has 1 spot; and, any permutation of the above principle.

The spots are not allocated to the player, but to the national association. Each national association will devise its own qualification system according to its spot allocation.